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by Mike Arnold

When it comes to steroids, there has always been a rift in perception between the general public and the bodybuilding community, particularly as it pertains to their safety. While we like to consider ourselves more enlightened than our non-bodybuilding peers, the reality is that in some ways, we have been just as guilty of ignoring the truth as the sensationalistic media or the propaganda happy government. While we may refrain from engaging in the dissemination of agenda driven falsehoods or the fabrication of imaginary stories for monetary gain, we have traditionally lacked stability in our position, wavering between extremes on the safety front.


by Mike Arnold

In its pure form, the idea of female bodybuilding is an honorable one. Although traditionally associated with males, weight training leading to the accumulation of muscle tissue provides numerous benefits for both sexes. Greater attractiveness, more robust health, and an improved mental outlook towards life and oneself are worthwhile pursuits for any individual. In today’s culture, given the conveniences of modern travel, the proliferation of desk jobs and the immediate availability of life essentials, one could even argue that neglecting to participate in at least some form of bodybuilding constitutes a failure to properly care for one’s physical and mental wellbeing.


by Mike Arnold

And it all started with a Bottle of Vodka – “The origins and early history of AAS”

The year was 1954 and American physician, Dr. John Zeigler, had made his way over to Vienna, where the U.S. weightlifting team would be competing in the World Championships. During the competition, John struck up a conversation with the head physicist of the Russian weightlifting team, who took a liking to John and asked if he wanted to meet up later for drinks to discuss mutual interests. Not willing to miss an opportunity to pick the brain of the one who helped carry the Russian’s to Olympic dominance 2 years prior, John was more than happy to oblige.


by Mike Arnold

The idea that a singular, endogenous hormone was somehow responsible for the development of male characteristics goes back 1,000’s of years, with various cultures forming a direct association between the testes and masculinity. However, it was not until 1849 that this theory gained credibility in the scientific community. In an attempt to ascertain whether or not testicular secretions played a role in aggressive behavior, German scientist, Dr. Berthold, conducted a round of experiments designed to evaluate the effects of castration on immature roosters. As hypothesized, the castrated chickens did not develop any of the physical or behavioral characteristics normally observed in adult, intact males.


by Mike Arnold

Shortly after making its way into the sport of bodybuilding, the issue of stomach distension has been near synonymous with drug use. Anyone who’s kept a close eye on the situation over the last 20 years will readily testify to that fact, as it is rare to see a single distension centered conversation absent of its mention. Although its association with growth hormone has been somewhat downplayed over the last few years, it was recognized early on as a potential contributor, with terms such as “GH gut” often having being used as a way of not only describing the problem, but of casting blame on what most people believed to be the primary culprit.