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“The Most Effective Growth Hormone Product on the Market?”


Somatozine at a Glance….

  • • Most Effective GH Secretagogue on the Market
  • • Comparable to 4-5 iu’s of Pharm-Grade growth Hormone
  • • Increased Convenience (capsules are easier to take, store and transport than liquid versions)
  • • No Nasty Taste!
  • • Greatest Value on the Market

A Bold Claim

For those of you who are familiar with traditional growth hormone secretagogues, there is probably a single question running through your mind right now. “What makes your product better than the rest?” For those of you who are not already aware, ghrelin mimetics (ghrelin is a naturally produced hormone which stimulates the pituitary to release GH) are widely regarded as the most effective class of growth hormone secretagogues in the world. Aside from their sheer potency, both their oral bioavailability and long duration of action have made them a favorite among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts everywhere, allowing one to obtain all the benefits of exogenous growth hormone without the hassle, cost, or legal issues associated with prescription/injectable medications.

Genuine ghrelin mimetics are sold by 100’s of vendors worldwide, but with product differentiation almost non-existent among competitors, cost tends to factor heavily into a buyer’s purchase decisions. This is not necessarily a good or bad thing, but the inevitable result of each company selling the exact same thing.

Truth be told, there is very little that can be done from a practical standpoint to bolster the effectiveness of these products in a significant manner, especially when dealing with oral preparations. This doesn’t leave many options. However, research has shown that one class of compounds in particular, when combined with GH secretagogues, has the potential to significantly increase growth hormone secretion beyond what can be obtained with ghrelin mimetics alone.

Enter the somatostatin inhibitors. This unique class of compounds boosts GH levels directly by reducing the secretion of growth-hormone-inhibiting-hormone, otherwise known as somatostatin. By working through a different yet complimentary pathway, somatostatin inhibitors provide a synergistic effect when combined with ghrelin mimetics, further amplifying growth hormone release via increased GH pulse amplitude. Clinical studies have demonstrated this effect on numerous occasions, with various somatostatin inhibitors having been shown to potentiate the GH-elevating capabilities of numerous growth hormone releasing agents. The take home message is clear. If you want to maximize GH output when using ghrelin mimetics, you must minimize somatostatin levels, and nothing does this better than somatostatin inhibitors.

Now, this certainly isn’t breaking news. In fact, many of you have already been using this combination for years, choosing to purchase these compounds separately and then combining them into a single product. This is the reason I created Somatozine—to provide a single, ready-to-use growth hormone elevating product of superior effectiveness. What somatostatin inhibitor did I select for inclusion in the Somatozine formula? This choice was easy. Huperzine-A. Unlike many other somatostatin inhibitors, Huperzine-A displays incredible potency, possesses a high degree of selectivity for the proper tissues (critical), and has a long duration of action; all essential characteristics when designing the most effective GH boosting product possible.

Capsule or Liquid?

Although some may try to convince you otherwise, there are virtually zero benefits attached to liquid preparations, not to mention they exhibit a variety of negative characteristics that aren’t found in their encapsulated counterparts. You see, capsules are not only easier to take, but they allow for greater transportability, increased storage options, and they certainly taste a whole lot better.

Furthermore, with nearly all liquid versions being sold by peptide-research companies, none of these products are manufactured within GMP facilities, making the quality control process a matter of owner discretion. Even worse, certain aspects of this process are outside of the owners’ control entirely, leaving the consumer at the mercy of chance. This is not an attempt to disparage these home-based companies, as I believe the majority do care about putting out a quality product (a truth reflected at least partially in the results of their customers), but simply a recognition of the facts. There is a distinct advantage to having products made within GMP facilities. From the enforcement of quality control measures, to the advanced equipment employed, supplement companies must constantly adhere to numerous rules and regulations if they wish to legally sell their products to the general public. When a product is manufactured clandestinely, there is no oversight or accountability outside of one’s own moral code. So, at the very least, having a product manufactured according to FDA guidelines should provide an extra measure of security for the buyer.

An Easy Choice

When we decided to bring Somatozine to the bodybuilding-fitness community my main goal was to provide the best possible growth hormone product at the best price. As a product bearing my name, anything less would have been viewed as a failure. Fortunately, this goal was accomplished in full. Not only does it work better than the competition, but its pricing is below that of other, inferior GH secretagogues, making it the best value on the market. If you want to experience the muscle volumizing, fat-burning effects of injectable growth hormone at a fraction of the cost, while avoiding the potential legal conundrums and pituitary shutdown that accompanies those drugs, then you will be more than pleased with the only once-per-day GH secretagogue clinically proven to provide results comparable with injectable growth hormone.

If you’re still not convinced, just look around the boards and see what everyone is saying about it…and not just noobs, but advanced and even professional bodybuilders alike. You won’t find a single PED-based bodybuilding forum or social media outlet that isn’t teeming with praise for this particular class of GH boosting agents. The truth is that Somatozine is one of the VERY few legal products on the market which has earned a rightful place among the PED elect. As a somatostatin inhibitor enhanced secretagogue, Somatozine reigns supreme as the most effective product in its class.