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“Prohedonic Opioid-Stimulant Complex”

Vicaine at a Glance….

  • • Produces both Stimulatory and “Opiate-like Effects”
  • • Induces Euphoria and Increases Energy Levels
  • • Improves Motivation and Promotes a Positive Outlook
  • • Enhances both Physical and Mental Performance
  • • Ideal for Pre-workout Use or Anytime its Effects are Desired
  • • Potent Kratom Alternative/Replacement
  • • Unmatched in the Industry—the 1st and ONLY Product of its Kind

It’s All in the Name

Revolutionary pre-workout? Kratom alternative? Speed-ball in a bottle? These are all accurate terms to describe what Vicaine is all about. As its name (a portmanteau word) implies, Vicaine possesses both stimulatory and opiate-like properties, making it suitable for a vast number of potential applications both inside and outside of the gym. In fact, it is the first and ONLY product of its kind, created specifically to provide the user with an experience previously unobtainable in the supplement world. But rather than taking my word for it, let’s bypass the empty promises and meaningless hype typically found in ads of this sort and instead, provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision regarding Vicaine’s potential place in your program.

Vicaine is a combination product comprised of two primary components, or halves, which are responsible for generating the majority of its effects and shaping its unique character. As both a potent stimulant and opiate mimetic, its functions might at first appear to be contradictory, even oppositional in nature. Yet, experience has shown that when these two elements are combined in a balanced fashion, the end result is nothing short of spectacular, providing the user with the best of both worlds and ensuring a highly memorable (and pleasurable) experience. However, this only describes Vicaine in its most basic sense. In order to truly understand what we are dealing with we need to look at each ingredient separately.

It’s Role as a Stimulant

When deciding on the ideal stimulant profile for the Vicaine formula, the criteria for selection was 4-fold. One, it must be able to produce a stimulant effect powerful enough to sustain even the most intense training sessions. Two, it must be a pleasure to use, lacking all the dirty/bad feelings that often accompany other stimulants on the market (DMAA, anyone?). Three, it cannot cause anxiety, the jitters or post-use crash, as these are some of the biggest complaints associated with traditional stimulant-based products. Lastly, it must be cardiovascularly friendly, lacking the ability to cause significant increases in heart rate and blood pressure. Honestly, this doesn’t leave us with a lot of options, but we are in luck because the best stimulants on the market are capable of doing all this and more!

One of these is good old caffeine. Although caffeine is capable of causing an increase in heart rate and blood pressure when used beyond a certain dose, research has shown that this is a non-issue when administered at moderate to moderately-high dosages. Now, I know caffeine has been around forever and is nothing exciting, but it is the most popular stimulant in the world—and for good reason—because it works and it works well. It produces a strong, energizing, feel-good effect that appeals to the majority, while possessing a relatively benign side effect profile when used responsibly. As a result, its inclusion in the Vicaine formula was a no-brainer.

The next stimulant on the list is theacrine (also commonly referred to as TeaCrine). Guys, this stuff is awesome! I am sure most of you have heard about it by now, as it drew quite a bit of attention when it was first released a couple years ago. However, its high production cost has stopped many supplement companies from including it in their products and when they do it is usually severely under-dosed (and sometimes absent altogether, as was recently witnessed with Prime Nutrition’s Intra-MD), preventing the user from experiencing its full benefits. Just as using 25-50 mg of caffeine isn’t going to provide anywhere near the mood and energy boosting effects of 200 mg, neither will 25-50 mg of theacrine (the typical dosing range for theacrine containing products) come anywhere close to providing the same benefits as 200 mg (the dose found to be most effective in clinical research). This is an important point to consider…because if you’ve purchased a theacrine containing product in the past, chances are you didn’t receive an optimal dose–a problem you won’t need to worry about with Vicaine. Overall, I believe theacrine shares the top spot with caffeine as the best stimulant on the market.

When used separately, both of these compounds have received high praise from consumers and researchers alike, but what happens when we combine them? Well, researchers did just that in an attempt to find out how this combination affects both the mind and body, measuring subjective feelings such as mood and energy levels, as well as cardiovascular markers like heart rate and blood pressure. The results were impressive, to say the least. Not only did it provide superior improvements in mood and energy levels compared to caffeine by itself (largely due to theacrine’s additive dopaminergic effect), but even when using moderately high dosages of both drugs, blood pressure and heart rate remained unaffected! Wanting further confirmation, I decided to test this on both myself and several of my personal clients. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, leading me to declare this combination as the #1 stimulant duo on the market from both a performance and health standpoint. Even if these were the only stimulants I chose to include in the Vicaine formula, it still would have been superior to most other stimulant-based products on the market, but this wasn’t good enough. I knew it needed something more; something that was truly complimentary and able to enhance the overall experience in ways that other products were failing to do.

I knew that adding another traditional nervous system stimulant would be overkill. After all, if I wanted additional horsepower in that area I would’ve just increased the caffeine and/or theacrine dose. But, as most of you know, increasing the dose of CNS stimulants beyond a certain point rarely produces a better result. Instead, it begins to tilt the ratio of positive to negative effects in favor of the negative, ultimately making the user feel worse and leading to a decrease in performance. We’ve all seen companies go down this road; loading their products with gross amounts of stimulants in an effort to make “the most powerful pre-workout on the market”. If total dosage was the only consideration, why not just gobble down 1,000 mg of caffeine and 150 mg of DMAA every time you need a pick me up? It will certainly give you a jolt…but it will also make you feel horrible and probably put you in the hospital with heart palpitations. Creating the ideal stimulant-based product is about much more than just dosage. It’s about the overall feel and effectiveness of the product…and this can only be achieved by carefully considering and properly manipulating all relevant variables. Simply dumping a ton of low quality CNS stimulants into a product is a cheap, lazy, and inferior approach to product design.

This is why I chose Sunifiram. As one of the world’s most powerful nootropics, it works through a completely different mechanism than traditional stimulants, further improving the overall effectiveness of the product without an increase in CNS related side effects. Belonging to the ampakine family of drugs, it possesses an estimated potency 1,000 times greater than piracetam and works by activating a specific sub-set of glutamate receptors known as the AMPA receptor. Sunifiram’s effects are primarily cerebral in nature, leading to improved cognition, focus, and mood, as well as increased wakefulness and the enhanced interpretation of sensory input. In combination with CNS stimulants like caffeine and theacrine, performance is enhanced in ways that can’t be obtained with traditional stimulants alone.

It’s Role as an “Opiate Mimetic”

Here’s where things get really interesting, and which makes Vicaine completely different than any other product on the market. But before we move on, let’s first address the skepticism that typically ensues after hearing that a product produces “opiate-like” effects. For most people, the natural reaction to hearing something like this is “yeah, right…sure it does”. This is understandable. After all, we all know that opiate-based drugs are illegal and only found in banned substances or prescription medications. I will admit, I was skeptical in the beginning too…until I started doing some research into the following compound and then confirmed its effectiveness on myself and others. I am talking about tianeptine, the ONLY opiate mimetic available in the United States without a prescription. However, unlike opiate-based drugs, tianeptine differs significantly in terms of both safety and chemical make-up, as we will see below.

Originally developed as a mood-brightener by The French Society of Medical Research, tianeptine was initially classified as a selective serotonin re-uptake enhancer (S.S.R.E.) and used as an anti-depressant with great success. As the years went by, additional research cast doubt on its efficacy as an S.S.R.E., leading researcher’s to re-evaluate its primary mechanism of action. It was eventually decided that the majority, if not all of tianeptine’s positive effects on mood were attributable to a single trait—its ability to activate opioid receptors.

There are 3 primary opioid receptors in the brain (delta, kappa, and mu), each of which produces different effects in the body. Activation of the delta-receptor provides analgesic (i.e. pain-killing) and anti-depressant effects, while the mu-receptor provides analgesic and euphoric effects. The kappa-receptor is the bad guy of the bunch, providing effects contrary to those usually associated with opiates, such as depression and agitation. These receptors are constantly being activated by the body to various degrees, thereby enabling us maintain a general sense of well-being and composure in the face of physical/emotional stressors. However, this system doesn’t always function optimally, leaving us vulnerable to the negative effects of opioid imbalance. Tianeptine helps to mitigate the negative effects of this imbalance by selectively activating those receptors which are responsible for mood enhancement.

Tianeptine is also believed to possess activity at the AMPA receptor, dopamine receptor, and NDMA receptor, which would account for (at least in part) its unique ability to provide mild stimulant-like effects in the face of opioid receptor activation. You see, unlike opiate-based drugs, tianeptine does not result in cognitive decline, decreased psychomotor activity, or sedation. In fact, it has in some ways been shown to have the opposite effect, helping to augment cognitive function, increase attention span, and even improve exercise performance. This allows tianeptine to provide the beneficial effects of traditional opiates without experiencing the CNS depression (drowsiness, impaired motor skills, etc) that typically accompanies their use. This makes it unlike any other compound in the world and an awesome addition to the Vicaine formula.

As further icing on the cake, tianeptine has also been shown to significantly reduce cortisol levels. As the most catabolic substance in the body, excessive production of this hormone can have a profoundly negative effect on our physiology, resulting in impaired muscle growth, accelerated fat gain, and insulin resistance. Bodybuilders need to remain particularly diligent when it comes to cortisol management, as the presence of multiple risk factors (intense physical exertion, cardio, stimulant use, etc) all but guarantees significantly elevated cortisol levels. Unfortunately, few bodybuilders are aware of the degree to which this can negatively impact their progress and even fewer take steps to deal with the problem. Tianeptine’s potent cortisol lowering effect is just one more benefit in a long line of bodybuilding-friendly effects. As an extra perk, tianeptine has also been shown to have a powerful neuroprotective effect, promoting brain health via an increased rate of neuronal survival and improved synaptic plasticity. In laymen’s term, this is likely to provide long-term benefits in terms of degenerative disease prevention.

Interesting Additions

In addition to Vicaine’s core components, I have also included a variety of supportive ingredients designed to further enhance the overall experience. One of these is Nefiracetam. Unlike the other racetams, Nefiracetam’s mechanisms of action make it uniquely suited for use as an ancillary aide with tianeptine. Why? It has been clinically proven to keep opioid receptors sensitized to the effects of compounds like tianeptine, thereby minimizing tolerance build-up and allowing us to benefit more fully from it. Likely explanations for this effect include cAMP systems manipulation and Ca2+ mobilization, although this area of research has yet to be fully elucidated.

Vicaine has also been fortified with choline; a nutrient essential for proper neurotransmitter function and which allows several of the ingredients within Vicaine to work to their maximum potential. Likewise, L-theanine has been added for its ability to combat caffeine’s CNS related side effects (jitteriness, anxiety, etc), as well as for its dopamine elevating capabilities.

The First of Many

Once again, MA LABS has pulled out all the stops in an effort to make sure that you, our brothers and sisters in iron, have unbridled access to one of the most cutting-edge products ever released in the bodybuilding-fitness community. In addition to its profound and multi-faceted effect profile, every ingredient found in the Vicaine formula has been dosed for maximum effectiveness. You won’t find any half-ass measures here, nor will you ever. At MA LABS we are committed to excellence on every front, while relentlessly pursuing best-in-class status in all product categories. As the first product of its kind, we are excited to release to you our latest creation. We hope you enjoy it thoroughly.